Google Search Results Page

What Is Google Search Results Page?

Google search results page for Skybase Media
Skybase Media’s Search Results Page

Search Engine Result Pages, or “SERP’s” for short, are the pages of information that are displayed when an individual enters their search term.

To the right is an example of Google’s search engine result page for Skybase Media.

What is displayed are the Top 10 most relevant results to answer your search query and usually some advertisements will also appear before and after those Top 10.

Alongside organic results and Pay Per Click advertisements, if your search term contains an individual or an organization, most likely a Knowledge Panel will appear on the right hand side containing the most relevant information.

Results are sorted by relevance, with 1 being the most relevant to answering your search query and 10 being least relevant.

Google Search Results Page Layout

Starting off at the top we have the Address Bar where your search query is housed.

Google's address bar with Skybase Media typed in it.
Address Bar with Skybase Media as the Search Query

Going down the page further we have Organic Search Results (the most relevant information Google could show you to answer your search).

Top 3 organic results in the Search Engine Results Page for Skybase Media
Organic Results For Skybase Media

These are the Top 3 organic search results Google found for answering the search query of “Skybase Media.” Also, right above the results you can see how many results Google found total and the amount of time it took to do so.

Finally we have come to the Brand Knowledge Panel.

Brand Knowledge Panel for Skybase Media
Brand Knowledge Panel | Skybase Media

A Brand Knowledge Panel will consist of information regarding a Brand/Business.

Including: Phone number, Address, Hours, Reviews, Website, Directions, Photos, posts, etc.

There are 2 types knowledge panels, and they are Brand & Local.

If your business has a brick and mortar location, your knowledge panel will most likely fall under the “Local” title. Otherwise you will be under the “Brand” panel.


Search Engine Result Pages are the pages of information that are displayed when an individual enters their search term.

They consist of the Top 10 most relevant Organic results, advertisements, and knowledge panels.

Hope this brought value and you learned something new today.

Best on your journey of Digital Marketing!

-Andrew Branham

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