5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Digital Marketing spelled out with Scrabble Letters and an iPhone in the bottom right corner with a white background
Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Digital Marketing, this is an effort that requires investment of time. How do you know which avenues to invest your time into?

Staying relevant in 2020 means you must be proactive in choosing your digital marketing tactics.

Keep reading to discover 5 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020 that will help your business thrive this year!

Trend 1. Brand Personalization

Brand is all about customer relations. If your potential customer cannot relate to your brand which represents your product/service then they won’t trust you.

Build authentic relationships with your customers, rather than just selling to them.

Starbucks cardboard coffee sleeve with Starbucks logo on it
Starbucks Brand Personalization

Customers are looking to relate to something, create a personalized experience for them to excel in.

When you treat your customer like a person and not just a dollar sign, you will win and keep your customers coming back.

Starbucks is a great representation of personalization of a brand. They do a great job of giving the customer what they want, maintaining their quality of product and service and creating a stable environment that is enjoyable.

Trend 2. Voice Customization

As voice centered devices make their way into the daily lives of more and more people in 2020, Digital Marketers must take notice.

Google Home voice search technology on a wooden shelf
Google Home Voice Assistant

Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, all branded voice search technology. These technologies allow people to increase their efficiency in life.

Asking a question and having an answer returned immediately is faster than typing it out on your own, then doing your own research to select an answer.

To accommodate for voice search in 2020, add keywords like “near me” for location based services.

For products, include keywords like “best” or “most rated”, this is because people will be asking these voice technologies questions such as “Auto Mechanic Near Me” and “Best Toothpaste”.

Voice Search Customization will only grow and become more of an asset to your Digital Marketing strategy.

Trend 3. Community

Everyone wants to be part of something, create a community your customers can be a part of and engage in.

This can come in the form of social media, website blog with commenting, online forums, and Facebook groups.

Human Legs putting into a circle on a cobblestone road representing community
Community Marketing

In 2020 people want nothing more than authentic relationships that are built on trust and honesty.

Showing that you are a valuable asset to your Digital Community is necessary for this to have success.

Creating an impact on your Digital Community endorses trust and lasting relationships.

These are the type of customers you want to have, long term.

When you have a strong Digital Community presence this drastically increases your brand awareness.

Not only do you gain awareness while you are participating, but you can also use the experience as a great talking point.

Community Marketing will be on the rise this year, in 2020. Start building your own Digital Community today, the sooner the better.

Trend 4. Video Production

This is a must for 2020 Digital Marketing strategies. Producing video content has so many pros to it:

DSLR Camera on a gimbal recording a Caucasian man
Video Production – Digital Marketing Trend
  • Increases engagement
  • Adds quality to business
  • Gains trust with SEO & Customers

You must start producing video content for your business or brand.

You can simply start with a promotional video introducing your products/services and team members.

Add interviews to the mix, create educational videos where your potential customers can learn more about your business practice and services.

Video Content is more sharable on social media and peaks different learning characteristics.

Video Production is a MUST ADD to your Digital Marketing strategy for 2020.

Trend 5. Micro Marketing

Specifics, Micro Marketing refers to marketing to a specific set of people based on certain values.

These values can be demographics, behavior patterns, or interests.

Microscope representing Micro Marketing
Micro Marketing – Digital Marketing Trend

Other forms of Micro Marketing connect with Influencer Marketing.

Micro Influencers are people with an engaging following who you can contact to advertise your product/service for a small cost or exchange of value.

Usually these Micro Influencers have small followings, but are very affordable for small businesses that don’t have the deep budgets.

With higher demand for data, micro marketing will only increase in occurrence.

You still have the opportunity to become an early adopter today!


As Digital Marketing continuously evolves, us Digital Marketers have to as well.

With new Digital Marketing trends in 2020, we must engage them with excitement. Take control of your Digital Marketing strategy in 2020 and implement these trends for success!

Best to you on your journey of Digital Marketing.

IdeaSpace Coming To Regional Library

IdeaSpace: Making + Media

The Central Rappahannock Regional Library(CRRL) received funding from the Economic Development Authority on December 5th for their new IdeaSpace where customers will be able to “Explore and develop their creativity.”

What Is IdeaSpace?

IdeaSpace Logo as a purple gear with a lightbulb with text containing IdeaSpace Making+Media
IdeaSpace Making + Media Logo

IdeaSpace is a “Technology Library” where you will be able to borrow technology to pursue your creative endeavors.

This creative space will contain a Digital Media Lab specifically for audio/visual recording.

Technology Involved

Some of the technology customers will be able to borrow include:

  • GoPros
  • Zoom Audio Recorders
  • 360 Video Cameras
  • Ring Lights
  • Novation Launchpads
  • Drawing Tablets
  • DJ Turntables
  • 4k Cameras

Technology only available at IdeaSpace:

  • Glowforge Laser Cutter
  • Ultimaker s5 3D Printer
  • Drawing Tablet Stations
  • Video and Recording Studio
  • Sewing Machines
  • Serger

IdeaSpace is a part of Fredericksburg Canal Quarter, which is a community of people who have joined together to better our community.

Library staff will be providing access to training for free to the community.

Hundreds of library customers have already earned certifications to allow them to use the technology independently.

Where Is IdeaSpace Located?

CRRL’s IdeaSpace will be located at 1616 Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401.

When Will IdeaSpace Open?

IdeaSpace will be opening to the public near the latter half of winter 2020.

It will be open for a total of 30-35 hours weekly, including weekday evenings and weekends.

Pepper The Robot

Pepper The Robot

Pepper, Central Rappahannock Library’s robot “will be housed primarily at IdeaSpace” says Craig Graziano, head of Youth Services, while occasionally taking field trips to various library branches from time to time.

How IdeaSpace Will Effect Our Community

CRRL’s IdeaSpace will dramatically effect our community in ways you would’ve never seen before.

This gives anyone, especially kids in our community access to try something new, experiment with creativity, and innovate our future.

The industry of technology used to have a barrier of entry consisting of hundreds to thousands of dollars, IdeaSpace just removed that barrier.

Scenario A:

Jimmy wants to be a Freelance Photographer, but cannot afford the equipment to succeed. Jimmy goes to IdeaSpace and borrows a camera, walks around downtown and practices, portraits, landscapes, and products, creating a portfolio.

Now Jimmy has developed a skillset and is charging potential customers for Senior Photos, Weddings, Profile Pictures(LinkedIn), etc.

Scenario B:

Abby wants to be a YouTuber, but doesn’t own a camera for recording, professional lighting, microphone or editing software. Abby finds out about IdeaSpace and begins her creative journey.

She works hard, creates amazing videos using the Digital Media Lab of IdeaSpace and gains a following. Soon after, a brand contacts her for a deal to monetize her content.

Finally, Abby has achieved her goal of being a YouTuber due to IdeaSpace.

Those are just 2 quick examples of what this creative space can do for our community.


Providing the amount of value that IdeaSpace is would be tough to replicate in school systems.

Having multiple school locations to fulfill would disproportionately raise the budget.

Bearing the question of, “Would an environment like IdeaSpace be located at the Career and Technical Center?”


The renovations for IdeaSpace are already happening. Meeting their anticipated opening season is likely to happen.

To keep up with the renovations, follow Fredericksburg Canal Quarter and the Central Rappahannock Regional library on Facebook.

Google Search Results Page

What Is Google Search Results Page?

Google search results page for Skybase Media
Skybase Media’s Search Results Page

Search Engine Result Pages, or “SERP’s” for short, are the pages of information that are displayed when an individual enters their search term.

To the right is an example of Google’s search engine result page for Skybase Media.

What is displayed are the Top 10 most relevant results to answer your search query and usually some advertisements will also appear before and after those Top 10.

Alongside organic results and Pay Per Click advertisements, if your search term contains an individual or an organization, most likely a Knowledge Panel will appear on the right hand side containing the most relevant information.

Results are sorted by relevance, with 1 being the most relevant to answering your search query and 10 being least relevant.

Google Search Results Page Layout

Starting off at the top we have the Address Bar where your search query is housed.

Google's address bar with Skybase Media typed in it.
Address Bar with Skybase Media as the Search Query

Going down the page further we have Organic Search Results (the most relevant information Google could show you to answer your search).

Top 3 organic results in the Search Engine Results Page for Skybase Media
Organic Results For Skybase Media

These are the Top 3 organic search results Google found for answering the search query of “Skybase Media.” Also, right above the results you can see how many results Google found total and the amount of time it took to do so.

Finally we have come to the Brand Knowledge Panel.

Brand Knowledge Panel for Skybase Media
Brand Knowledge Panel | Skybase Media

A Brand Knowledge Panel will consist of information regarding a Brand/Business.

Including: Phone number, Address, Hours, Reviews, Website, Directions, Photos, posts, etc.

There are 2 types knowledge panels, and they are Brand & Local.

If your business has a brick and mortar location, your knowledge panel will most likely fall under the “Local” title. Otherwise you will be under the “Brand” panel.


Search Engine Result Pages are the pages of information that are displayed when an individual enters their search term.

They consist of the Top 10 most relevant Organic results, advertisements, and knowledge panels.

Hope this brought value and you learned something new today.

Best on your journey of Digital Marketing!

-Andrew Branham

Digital Media Agency

What Is A Digital Media Agency?

Skybase Media, a Digital Media Agency
Skybase Media | Digital Media Agency

Digital Media Agencies solve problems by helping others navigate the web-based world of digital marketing with a mix of planning, creating, and carrying out digital advertising.

Agencies like Skybase Media are a mix of creative thought processes, a yearning to continue learning, the ability to figure it out and do it.

Also embracing strategic thinking, technical innovation, and Brand Identity to provide a client with success.

What Services Do Digital Agencies Provide?

Prime services a Digital Media Agency will provide include: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Branding, Website Design, Website Management, and Video Production, just to name a few.

Considering how widespread Digital Media Agencies skillsets have to be to serve the market, if the service you need has to do with anything digital, a Digital Media Agency is who you should call.

Why A Digital Media Agency?

Digital Media Agencies are adaptive, meaning they can complete ALL your digital needs.

They bridge the gap between a Business/Brand and their customers.

If you are having trouble reaching your customers online, call a Digital Media Agency like Skybase Media and your troubles will be of the past.

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