Skybase Media Owner, Andrew Branham wearing a hat backwards and smiling. Young Man with beard smiling.

Andrew Branham


You already know my name, next up is that I’m 19 and an Eagle Scout from Fredericksburg, VA. Owning my own business has been a goal of mine for years and I’ve decided to make my dream come true.

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The team here at Skybase Media consists of just one at the moment, Andrew Branham. Nothing short of a personality!

Andrew thrives from helping others, “If I couldn’t help anyone, I wouldn’t be doing it.”

Following his interests of technology, Andrew decided to build his own E-commerce website. This was the start of Andrew’s Digital Media journey.

Through this early venture, Andrew learned the fundamentals about Marketing, SEO, Social Media, and Digital Advertising.

Since then, Andrew has worked with local business in Marketing and SEO.

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